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Advanced Technology Solutions

The Q Series

High Performance Interactive Display

The new Q Series brings efficiency and high performance to the classroom and your teams. Added security, more customization, and faster performance is a recipe for success! With embedded collaborative tools and a variety of interface themes, Q Series helps
build a dynamic and engaging environment.

Plug & Play USB-C

Step into your space and bypass the setup frustration. The mental checklist to grab the right cables, troubleshoot connectivity and hope everything else interacts well can be overwhelming. With plug & play USB-C, the entire setup process is streamlined to one cable and instant access. And it doesn’t stop there! Audio, video, and 65 watts of power are transferred too.

Powerful Android 11 OS

Faster performance has to come from somewhere. Welcome to Android 11! With a more secure on-board operating system, you can connect to familiar services like Google Drive and OneDrive with confidence. Your interactive display compatibility is important to cloud access of your favorite tools.

Newline App Store

Our curated app store features 100+ fully compatible tools for education and business. The library is constantly growing, but you can get started today with some of your favorite Education and Business apps. These run the gamut including favorites like the Google Suite, Starfall, Kahoot, AP News, Microsoft Office, Udemy, and more! Optional app disabling with Newline Display Management Plus is also available.

Touch that Inspires & Protects

Interactivity truly brings collaboration to life. The ability to combine analog writing with digital tools makes communication all the more effective. With interactivity at the core of our product’s development, we integrated tools that do not only make touch a “nice to have” feature, but a “must have” feature for daily interactions. Simply adding interactive functions to a display is the first step. The Q Series makes it relevant, intuitive, and safe for all.

Collaborative Software

Our latest innovation compliments the strengths of our software. Better reach your audience and collaborate with ease on software built for you. Content sharing, device management, and time saving is a priority. For the complete ecosystem of Newline products, use these integrated tools for an efficient interactive experience.

Superior Connection

Newline’s Q Series brings to you smart connectivity through diverse ports and wireless compatibility. The diversity in connection ports provide great options for all types of devices, making the interactive display more accessible to all users. Ports located on the front and the back of the panel make it easy to use the panel in any mounting situation. For those devices that need wireless connection, a reliable Wi-Fi 6 module provides dedicated wireless connectivity.

High Performance Interactive Display

USB Type-C
with 65W Power


Secure Android 11 OS
with User Profiles

App Store

Better Connectivity
with Wi-Fi 6

20W Speakers

Camera Module

Compatible with
all Devices

Accessories to transform your space

Find the right accessories to empower your meeting space or classroom with the right tools to foster collaboration and communication.

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